Close product-led sales without having reps dig through data

Engage the right leads, with the right message, at the right time without manual work and complex usage dashboards.

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Sales reps manually dig through data and dashboards to to know which sign-ups to prioritize.

Don't know which users are ready to buy.

Don't know which accounts to upsell.

Reps hate digging through data dashboards.

Unsure what actions to take, and when.


Find users worth engaging to increase conversions, expand accounts & avoid churn.

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Step 1

Connect data to set customer journey milestones.

Use product, billing and enrichment data to track where users are in the customer journey.

No developers needed.


Step 2

Workflows to accelerate self-conversions.

Trigger in-app messages, create deals, or add users to email campaigns when they reach milestones in your product.

Know which users to let self-convert.

Step 3

Uncover which accounts your revenue teams should focus on.

Find the most qualified accounts to generate faster, bigger deals and reduce churn.

No more guesswork in a sea of sign-ups.


Step 4

Use personalized and contextual engagements to books more sales calls.

Get the context you need to deliver hyper-personalized and timely messages to qualified users.

No more digging through data.

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Shockingly simple, shockingly powerful.

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Customization and automation that scales

Trusted by B2B SaaS Leaders

Having a clear vision into previous social & product engagements becomes a game-changer in the way sales reps prioritize leads. Lemlist is excited to partner with Bliinx to give our reps visibility they need to execute”

Nadja Komnenic
Head of Business Development, Lemlist

“Bliinx is core to our product-led sales strategy. My AEs need to know which accounts to engage without all of the manual work involved.Game-changer.”

Yazan Sehwail
CEO, Userpilot

Traditional CRMs aren't built to support the Product-Led motion. Bliinx gives our whole team visibility on which leads we should let self-convert and which sign-ups we should engage to drive faster revenue growth.

Lucjan Suski
CEO, SurferSEO
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Unlock 30% of your revenue ops

Hundreds of sales reps are using Bliinx to drive bottom-up sales, when will you?

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Product-led sales unlocks 30%+ of your revenue ops.
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