Accelerate revenue with Segment & Bliinx

January 20, 2022
Fred Melanson
2 min
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Product-led growth has exploded the top of the funnel but conversions to revenue are lower than ever.

It's really hard for go-to-market teams who can't connect the dots between product usage and sales opportunities.

"Yes, but our internal developers will build custom workflows for our sales and cs team!"

Wake up call: They don't have time and they don't want to.

That's why we've built Bliinx to natively integrate with Segment, in minutes, without the need to involve developers or code.

How it works

With Segment, all the customer data you’re collecting from your websites and product can be sent straight into Bliinx so your revenue teams can engage the best accounts, at the best time, with the right message.

Bliinx dashboard with integrations

This means that your developers don’t need to do any additional installation or spend time building complicated revenue workflows.

Bliinx uses your existing Segment integration to sync user and account-level data seamlessly.

For example, you can create a "Product Qualified Accounts (PQA)" milestone in Bliinx.  

Once accounts reach that milestone, Bliinx can automatically trigger CRM actions, email or Intercom campaigns or alert your sales team in Slack for them to manually reach out.

Here's a PQA milestone example from Pitch:

Bliinx milestone page

Getting started

  1. Sign in to your Segment workspace.
  2. Click Add a destination.
  3. Search for Bliinx and click Next.
  4. Choose your product as the first source to connect Bliinx to.
  5. Click Create a destination.
  6. Log in to Bliinx and go to the Integrations page, copy your API key for Segment.
  7. Go to your new Bliinx destination and enter your API key.
  8. Activate the Bliinx destination.
  9. Go to the Milestone page in Bliinx and start creating milestones with Segment data.


Reach out to our team anytime at or by using the chatbot in Bliinx.