How to use email marketing for awareness & value-add content.

June 9, 2021
Fred Melanson
5 min
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Product-led growth sales = letting your users try your product before you sell them. Then engaging them to convert faster or expand accounts.

This means that your email marketing has to switch from solicitation to relevant value-add. From pitch mode to help mode.

We've interviewed growth leaders at companies like Loom, Hugo, Pitch, Unstack & found that the perfect mix seems to contain automated sequences, manual outreach and sales bumpers in your product’s experience.

If you help your customers find value and be successful with the product, they’ll turn to you once they have needs for paid features.

They’ll also listen to you when you actually pitch, later in the journey.

Content to consider in PLG sales sequences:

Instead of continuing to TELL you, let's SHOW you some examples 👇

Here Hugo uses my product’s experience to engage me, which I find is really great.

Not only do they communicate that they care about their customers, they also reinvest user’s data into the value of their product.

Hugo onboarding email

Great contextual email by Unstack.

Unstack considers my business’s context when it comes to their onboarding sequences. It’s engaging because it’s highly relevant. They do this with a combination of onboarding questions and account enrichment.

UInstack email

Hugo uses successful customer business cases to show the value of their paid offering.

Social proof is one of the most effective ways to engage with prospects and trigger action towards paid conversion.

Hugo case study email

If you pitch your offering to leads, use contextual information to show the user that you understand their situation and are the right person/company to help them get to the next level.

Cold email example

Below is an example of using free users' data to reinforce product value from phantombuster.

Phantombuster dashboard

The main information shown on your dashboard is the time saved from using phantombuster. It communicates to the user the ROI on the tool and can be an amazing way to trigger paid conversions if you have a paywall.  

Use customer value data like this one in your marketing emails. Show comparisons with data (anonymized) from other paid clients.

Biggest mistakes when it comes to email campaigns for PLG:

One-size-fits-all campaigns with bad timing.

What do we mean?

It means having your prospects' attention is getting harder and harder. The companies showcased above all have built their email marketing strategies so that their emails get to you when you're ready to pay attention.

💡 How Bliinx is solving the timing problem

Bliinx finds signals in how your leads are interacting with your messages, your product and your brand. This way, you can fire touchpoints when they're most likely to read/respond/convert.

Bliinx blindspot signals

Start engaging prospects based on data, not assumptions 🚀

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