How sales enablement tools empower B2B sales reps

July 22, 2020
Fred Melanson
7 min
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The hardest challenge for any b2b sales professional is scale. How can I sell more without needing to add hours of work to my weeks? How can I compound my efforts into exponential sales? 🚀

It’s difficult because b2b sales are relationship-based. People deal with people. This means that there is a ceiling limit to the deals manageable by any given rep.

Not necessarily. And that’s the role of sales enablement.

In short, the idea behind sales enablement is to provide sales teams with resources to close more deals. To close more deals without a linear correlation to hours worked.

Those resources include tools, coaching, content and information to help sales teams outperform.

Lots of articles out there give textbook definitions on sales enablement, who owns it, how to implement it, etc.

It’s a good start. But we want to know exactly what it can do for our sales.

We thought to share concrete examples of how sales enablement tools can help b2b sales teams and recommend a few tools that we like and have proven valuable.

I'll go over all of the tools that can help unlock more output in your day first, but be sure to check out my recommended stack for you at the bottom of this article, too. 🔥

This article is intended for sales representatives, account executives and business development reps. There are too many tools out there for your manager. You’re the one selling. You need content to make your life easier, not your boss’s. 😎

Simplify small necessary steps in the sales process

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In the last few years, we’ve seen a SURGE in tools that make basic sale steps way more efficient for both the reps and their prospects.

Those tools are doing extremely well because there is huge value in helping sales teams spend more time interacting with prospects rather than doing admin work.

Having the right sales enablement tools in place will help your pipeline in many ways:

Many tools mentioned below will save you hours of work with tasks like drafting your presentation decks, sending out documents, booking meetings, writing notes, scheduling follow-ups, and much more.

It’s all work that needs to be done. But it’s not time spent selling.

40% of a sales rep’s workday is spent on those mundane tasks (Hubspot 2021 report)! That’s $ left on the table for sure…

Most of today’s popular tools can be tried by prospects before they make a buying decision. The idea is to provide value before you ask for the financial commitment.

It’s the single most effective growth tactic for work tools and it’s the main theory behind the product-led-growth movement/methodology.

In order to provide some type of value to your prospects before they buy, whether are not your solution can be used by the prospect before they buy, you need to remove as much friction in the buying process as possible.

Having tools by your side to make the buying experience seamless for prospects will do just that.

Buyers in today’s market have way more power than sales reps. Mainly because the information is available to them and they can make 90% of the decision before they get to engage with you.

For this reason, companies who focus on delighting prospects through the buying experience will often win.

Sales enablement tools mentioned below can help you delight your prospects and make it as easy as possible for them to pick your product to spend money on.

Cloud-based solutions have the advantage of being able to capture data and provide sales reps with insights. Those insights can be used to make process improvements that result in more closing.

For example, you can drastically improve close rates by knowing which slide of your deck prospects spends more time on, what feature makes their eyes open in meeting discussions, which conversation channel do they respond to, etc.

Our picks for tools that can with sales process steps:

Tools for booking meetings faster

Tools to manage touchpoints from cold lead to first engagement

Tools to manage touchpoints from first engagement to revenue

Tools to send documents smarter

Tools to build sales pitches

Tools for note-taking

Tools to video-engage prospects

When you pick a tool for sales enablement, there’s a key component to consider: Integrations.

You want to make your life easier. So make sure that the tool you select integrates with your favourite work apps and can be implemented quickly and easily.

It’s the main reason why we’ve built Bliinx to live in email, calendar, Slack and CRM rather than force a new environment.

Access content/knowledge needed to make a sale

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Your B2B sale cannot be done by a robot. To make the right decisions, to know what to say to prospects, which questions to ask, who’s the decision-maker, you need information.

There are great tools that can give you an edge when it comes to:

Finding a prospect’s email

Knowing the prospect’s personality to engage the perfect way

Getting up-to-speed on recent touchpoints

Finding internal knowledge needed in a deal

Understand what works with prospects and what doesn’t

Even though you’ll have to spend on some of them, the benefits outweigh the costs when it comes to saving you time searching for information or giving you the added edge to close x% more deals!

Collaborate with teammates to increase revenue and retain customers

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Contrary to popular belief, sales are increasingly about collaboration.

Yes, sales reps still want to protect their quotas. However, the shift to a buyer-driven market forces teams to collaborate and think about the end result for the company rather than their individual bonuses.

If they don’t, sales will fall anyway.

If the buying experience is amazing and more customers are delighted after they onboard, everyone wins.

This reinforces the need for smooth handoffs between departments. For example leads handoffs from marketing to sales, or customer handoff from sales to customer success to upsells!

Sales enablement tools can help reduce back-and-forth communications between teams. So you can get stuff done quicker through your sales process. They can also make handoffs way smoother.

For example, Pitch can allow sales, marketing and design teams to work simultaneously on decks, without needing 23 copies of the same document. Bliinx can provide a quick overview of the latest touchpoints with leads without manual entries. Hugo can provide meeting notes to all attendees in one place. Etc!

Uncover hidden opportunities & boost existing work

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Another function of sales enablement tools is to create more revenue out of what’s already there.

What we mean here is that sales enablement tools will help reps and AEs find opportunities that might have been missed, uncover insights from current processes or help improve those processes.

It’s extremely difficult for sales reps to close a lot of deals and take a step back to look at processes at the same time. That's why sales ops and sales managers exist.

However, many tools that are useful to managers will not actually empower the end-user.

Here are a few tools that are actually easy to use and provide great insights to reps:

Find deal blindspots and hidden relationship opportunities

Call and meeting recording/insights

Document sharing

Cold lead sequencing

So all of these tools are great, but what personal setup would I recommend?

Well, for the best mix of features, price, and integrations, I'd use SavvyCal, Lemlist, Bliinx, DocSend, Pitch, Hugo, Loom and Typeform.

Sales funnel with recommended tools

And here's why:

They’re all extremely easy to use and integrated with back-bone systems like CRMs, Mailchimp, Email, Slack, etc.

Engaging prospects:

Lemlist will ensure that you generate engagements from the top of the funnel. Bliinx will help you bring a maximum of those leads to revenue. Loom will allow you to personalize all engagements with videos. Typeform will enable you to know more about your prospects.

Supporting your process:

DocSend, SavvyCal, Pitch and Hugo will make it way easier for you to support your engagement flows with notes, documents and scheduling.

We hope this was useful to B2B sales reps out there looking to boost their revenue-generating work.

When sales representatives are empowered with the right tools and resources, they have the ability to sell more efficiently and will experience a boost in revenue!

Happy selling!