Using Revenue Signals to Boost Paid Customers

June 8, 2021
Fred Melanson
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The best-in-class product-led companies like Zoom, Slack and Atlassian combine PLG with a more traditional top-down sales motion. It's a strategy called product-led sales.

Product-led sales is all about letting leads use your product before you engage with them.

When you do engage with free users, it needs to be when they want to hear from you or when you can add value to their experience.

For PLG sales, outbound is all about timing and relevancy.

However, to engage with great timing, you need insights.

Your sales or cs reps need to be able to interact with leads based on real-time insights.

At Bliinx, we call those insights: revenue signals.

This article explains why you need to consider event-based outreach in your customer acquisition funnel and how to use revenue signals to turn more users into paid customers.

Integrate your marketing stack for better pipeline management

Seems simple, right?

The reality is that most companies fail to provide sales reps with relevant marketing data to move deals faster.

You can integrate your marketing tools like Pardot, Marketo,  Hootsuite, and more with your CRM. Use tools like Segment,, or Zapier to build custom connections between those platforms.

The basics are:

Here's an example of a trigger-to-action workflow:

Once someone downloads an ebook on my website, create a lead in my CRM.

The problem is that sending the data to the CRM is not the end goal.

It’s the biggest mistake companies make when it comes to marketing data flow.

Marketing signals flow

CRMs can be a difficult beast to tame. Your marketing department might have access to great data from multiple sources, but it never gets to sales reps in time.

For example, in Unstack, you can view how your leads interact with your website. That's extremely valuable information to have.

Unstack contact page

The key next step, however, is to give your growth team real-time insights for them to act on.

Using activity signals

In PLG, the goal is to use the marketing data to personalize your users’ experience and convert them faster.

You want to use marketing data to engage the right people at the right time to book more meetings.

You want your reps to focus on leads that are likely to convert (more on that in Value First: The Complete Guide to PLG Sales).

A few examples of signals to act on:

Hint: Your reps should engage leads when those happen!!

Efficient marketing signal flow

How we're building Bliinx to solve that problem

The premise behind Bliinx is that DIY data integrations are a nightmare to manage and maintain and that most of the relevant insights never get to reps who can act on them.

What Bliinx does is find blindspots & signals in your relationships with leads and send them to customer-facing reps in their workflow, so they can act and close more business.

Step 1: Connect your favourite customer-facing tools to Bliinx.

Bliinx integrations page

Step 2: Receive real-time insights from your lead relationships.

Bliinx blindspots page

Step 3: Engage leads based on data, not assumptions or one-size-fits-all campaigns.

Bliinx actions

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