PLG sales podcast - Nadja from Lemlist

PLG sales podcast - Nadja from Lemlist

Nadja Komnenic is the Head of Business Development at Lemlist, the email outreach platform.

She was the first sales hire at Lemlist and is responsible for implementing the sales strategy that got Lemlist from 1 to 8 M in ARR in under 2 years.

In this episode, Nadja gives out best-in-class advice on:

  • Building an outbound campaign for product-led businesses.
  • The best cold reach out techniques, workflows.
  • How to (really) personalize touchpoints easily at scale.
  • Merging a bottom-up strategy with an internal sales team.
  • How to train your reps on a user-first mindset.
  • The importance of community in a product-led acquisition model.

Enjoy 🔥