Kashish @Hightouch on the Product-Led Sales Podcast

Kashish @Hightouch on the Product-Led Sales Podcast

Kashish Gupta is the founder and co-CEO of Hightouch.io, the reverse ETL platform.

He's a multiple-time founder and previously venture partner at Bessemer.

Hightouch helps companies sync customer data from their warehouse to sales and marketing tools and just raised $40M of funding 🔥.

🎙️In this episode, Kashish thoughtfully breaks down what has allowed for such rapid growth 👇

⚡How Hightouch acquired its first 100 customers.

⚡What a strong PLG funnel should look like.

⚡ How to mix PLG with differentiated sales execution.

⚡How to differentiate your sales cycle to stand out.

⚡Hightouch's interesting sales cycle that merges sales and customer success.